The facility was built in 2017 in the immediate vicinity of the pig farm and the beef cattle farm. It meets all the requirements prescribed by HACCP and HALAL certificates.

There are over 20 refrigerated areas enabling well cooling of the meat and preservation of the cold chain throughout the whole production process to the end product. This results in healthy and high-quality products for consumption.

Besides fresh meat production, the facility is also used for the production of meat preparations, cured, air-dried and smoked products – with one word, everything except canned meat products.

The built-in smoking chamber with a capacity of over 3000 kg is used for the production of smoked meat products, using the old traditional way where meat is smoked on beech wood.

We differ from other facilities because:

We use exclusively fresh meat. We do not use nitrites, phosphates, glutamines, artificial colors, and aromas, etc., which although are allowed to be used in meat products, have a detrimental effect on human’s health.

In the whole production process, we stick to an old good rule: “What you don`t eat, do not let others eat!”. Therefore, all our products are produced exclusively from fresh meat, without any additives, in a traditional and homemade way.

We are ready to offer fresh products at all times, with a date of slaughter not more than 3 days at the day of delivery. Also, we work continuously to create and add even more products to our products line with a goal to satisfy the needs and wishes of our consumers.

HEALTHY, NATURAL and HIGH-QUALITY products in every family!