Healthy food, healthy farm, healthy families!


The HACCP standards ensure the quality of our products as well as the production and distribution process from the farm to the end-consumer. On top of that, the continuous analysis of our products at the Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine – Skopje, confirms its safety for consumption.


Forming a healthy ecosystem through the creation of a completely closed biological circle – utilizing our open lands for the production of raw materials, applying them in the production of food, then using that food for the feeding of the animals, and finally usage of the by-product for the fertilization of the open lands.


Our interest is to supply our buyers with a price that corresponds with the quality of our product, in other words – the best quality for the best price.


Open for discussion, interested for all the innovations and up for collaboration at any given time.


Farming is our calling since 1990 and we have accumulated years of experience in this industry - all of it devoted to the improvement our products.


Our biggest and top goal is to ensure your satisfaction – the consumers, suppliers and collaborators. We hope that through our products we are succeeding at our goal.